About Gladdies



Many of you have come to love and know Gladdies for our yummy cakes! But where did we get the name Gladdies you ask? Well our grandma Gladys was a wonderful baker! That is how we came up with our name. She is someone we aspire to bake like.

In January 2023, my sister and I decided to share our love of baking and started a cake business! Myself (Barb Wiedenman) and my sister, Cindy Gordon, both reside in Ankeny where we have lived most of our lives. We know the community well and wanted to add something that was missing.

Add sweetness to your life, eat cake is our famous slogan! We tried so many recipes until we got it perfect! We spent a lot of time in the kitchen together getting it just right. Once we had the perfect texture, taste and flavors nailed down, next up was the size. Who doesn’t love a delicious cake to themselves? I know I do, so that’s when we came up with the Baby Cakes!  At first we started with just a few flavors and have added more over time and we do have some seasonal ones. Along with our Baby Cakes we also have Cakelets! Those are bite size cakes! Just be careful because once you get started on those you won’t be able to stop!

We look forward to providing you with our sweet treats for any and all occasions!

Gladdies For Every Occassion

Show your appreciation with a thank you and have Gladdies individual cakes delivered to your home or office.  Special occasions · birthdays · anniversaries · weddings graduations · tailgating · and so much more! 

Whether you need just a few sweet treats or placing a large order, we strive to provide the best possible experience for every customer.